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The Genealogy 1672 - 1961

Thomas Salkeld of Coldbeck, Cumberland Co., England --- Edward Powley of Whinfield, England
John Salkeld 1672-1739 married Agnes Powley
John Salkeld 1709-1777marriedElizabeth Worley
Peter Salkeld 1755-1820marriedMarg. Bishop
Bishop Salkeld 1765marriedRebecca Ingram
Massey Salkeld 1817-1897marriedElijah Hibbits (Hibberts)
John Bishop Hibbits 1845-1921marriedCaroline R. Reames 1852-1905

The name Hibbits or Hibberts is derived from a very old English personal name, the original form of which was Hygeberot, meaning "of bright mind".

Samuel Bishop came to America in 1682 and was one of the founders of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. Died in 1741.

Joseph Bishop 1704-1781  
Thomas Bishop 1755-1820marriedMargaret Williamson
Margaret BishopmarriedPeter Salkeld
Jeremiah Reames of Surrey Co., VAmarriedMargaret Harmon
Williams Reams 1768-1844 War of Revolution 1782 to 1784 Carder, NCmarriedNaomi Vauhgn 1767-1853
John Henry Howard Reames 1813-1878, Logan Co., OHmarriedMary MacDonald 1816-1900 Washington Co., PA
Caroline Rebecca Reames 1852-1905 Logan Co., OHmarriedJohn B. Hibbits, March, 1845-1921
Abner Guy Hibbits, Aug. 18, 1874, Carleton, NE, Died May 6, 1946 in Lompoc, CA,marriedIva Grace Hibbits, April 3, 1879, Carleton, NE

Mary McDonald Reams, daughter of John II, who was a son of the immigrant, William McDonald, who was born and reared near Loch Shin, Scotland. William Mcdonald married Elizabeth Douglas, member of the Douglas clan. John II married Rebecca Fitzsimmons in 1812 in Washington County, PA.

Guy Hibbits married married Jennie Gregg Silsby of Amhurst, Maine,
Three sons Forrest, Charles, and Robert.

Grace Hibbits married John Oliver Arkley in Santa Barbara, CA, on February 14, 1899.

Grace Hibbits & John O. Arkley

Grace Hibbits married John Oliver Arkley in Santa Barbara, CA, on February 14, 1899.

  • Muriel Evelyn, December 8, 1899 in Santa Barbara, CA, Died June 30, 1944
  • Kenneth Hibbits, January 26, 1902 in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Hilda Grace, May 3, 1908, in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Rodney John, November 15, 1915 in Santa Ana, CA
  • Joyce Lothele, January 26, 1921 in Santa Ana, CA
  • Muriel Evelyn Arkley

    Muriel E. married John Leslie Abbott, June 30, 1923. Died on June 30, 1944

  • Mirrile Ann, June 1, 1925 Los Angeles, CA, married Gail Squires, June 1949
    Children: Debra Gay, October 15, 1953 Dana Lee, January 6, 1957
  • Lila Loyce, February 15, 1927, Huntington Park, CA, married Lester Barclay Children: Kendall Ann, June 20, 1959 Heather
  • John Lynn, June 21, 1932, Los Angeles, CA, married Phyllis Joanne Malmgren, June 21, 1953 Children: John Lance, January 9, 1958 James Lyle, July 2, 1959 married Jordis Children: Sheryl Lynn, August 1, 1961 married Children:
  • Kenneth H. Arkley

    Kenneth H. married Mildred Waters in San Jose, CA July 5, 1928.

  • Thomas Harry, October 24, 1930 in Santa Ana, CA, married Teresa Clark, 1954
  • Twins, David Kent(died),
  • John Kenneth (called Kent), March 21, 1935 in San Diego, CA married Shirley Anne Osman, January 17, 1957 at Ramona, CA Children:
    Larry Eric, January 29, 1958 Children:
    Bret Thomas, April 12, 1960 married Martha Children:
  • Hilda G. Arkley

    Hilda G. married Wayne Reafsnyder, September 16, 1928, in Garden Grove, CA

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