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from John who emigrated in 1705,
to the fourth generation
so far as known by a Descendent

John Salkeld, son of Thomas Salkeld of Coldbeck in the County of Cumberland, England, was born in 1672. He belonged to, and was a preacher in the Society of Friends. He paid religious visits to Ireland in 1698 and 1703, and in 1700 he went on a religious mission to America.

On the 8th day of the 9th month of 1704 he married Agnes Powley, after they had declared their intention of marrying before several meetings of Quakers in West Moorland and received the consent of parents and parties concerned. l Their marriage was consummated at a meeting for worship at the meeting house in Grangge; he promising to be true and a loving husband until death separated them and she promising "to love honor and obey thee as my husband until death separate us." A certificate was drawn up and signed by the parties and witnesses.

On the ninth day of the 7th month of 1705, John Salkeld and wife took passage from London to Philadelphia, and settled at Chester on the Delaware. On the 25th day of the same year he handed in a certificate from the Quarterly meeting in Cumberland in Great Britain to the Chester Monthly meeting in Pennsylvania.

His occupation was that of a farmer and a maltster, and he appears to have owned 400 acres of land near Chester, on which he resided. Besides that he had a 1000, purchased of Collett in Westown, and which for a number of years, was covered with the primeval, after the adjacent land was cleared, and was known as Parkers Woods, which was afterward divided and sold in small tracts by Joseph Parker Morris. He also owned a tract in Fallowfield township, the original purchase of Lancelot Fallowfield of Great Stickland in West Moreland, England, besides other tracts not so well determined.

As a preacher it was common for him to go to the neighboring meetings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and would occasionally extend his visits to distant parts. About the year 1712, a religious concern took him to England, and it would appear that he went on visit to England, Scotland and Ireland in the year 1712 returning in 1715. About the year 1717 he revisited New England, and the latter part of 1719 and the fore part of 1720 he was in the West India Islands. He visited Long Island in 1725 and revisited England in 1726 and 1727. He again revisited New England in 1730 and 1733-34, he visited friends in Virginia and North Carolina. One of his journals to England is still preserved and likewise his marriage certificate; and there may be other papers of interest among his descendants if those who have them would make the fact known.

Bowden remarks that "John Salkeld was a notable man to proclaim the gospel and he had great opening in the scriptures which was a mighty help and comfort to many friends. He was fervently engaged for truths prosperity and for this purpose traveled several times through the continent. He was cheerful in conversation and found it necessary to keep a constant guard. He had a clear, distinct, and intelligible method of utterance in his ministry being often attended with authority.

Smith says, "He was naturally of a cheerful disposition, and had a clear, distinct, and intelligible utterance in his ministry, often attended with life. Generally had an uncommon reach on his auditors and some times crowned with success."

Children of John and Agnes Salkeld

Born Died Age

  • 1. Joseph, b. September 27, 1706,d. 1748 , age 42
  • 2. Mary, b. February 30, 1708,d. February 2, 1800 , age 91
  • 3. John, b. October 12, 1709,d. January 24, 1777 , age 67
  • 4. Thomas, b. September 24, 1711,d. July, 1749 , age 37
  • 5. Agness, b. October 25, 1714,d. January 14, 1813 , age 98
  • 6. Edmond, b. November 3, 1716,d. May 6, 1726 , age 9
  • 7. William, b. December 26, 1718,d. November 29, 1742 , age 23
  • 8. David, b. ,d. June, 1759 , age 38
  • 9. Samuel, b. January 1, 1721,d. June 1, 1721 , age 6 mos.
  • 10. Jane , b. ,d. March 27, 1778, age 57
  • 11. Jonathan January 7, 1723 ,d. January 7, 1723

John Salkeld was forced from a religious meeting on November 22, 1663. The ____________. They were all fined and their goods distributed. Thomas Salkeld was also religiously persecuted as was Isabella Salkeld in 1684.