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William Arkley

Agnes Dunn - William Arkley -
Charles Allen(Uncle of Agnes)

This picture was taken in San Jose, California in 1868. William Wallace Arkley (left) was born in Leeds, Megantic, P.I. in 1834. Around 1863(?). He went by ship around the Horn to British Columbia. Later he went to California.

In 1869 Agnes Dunn (rear) who also was born in Leeds, made the journey by train, accompanied by her uncle, by marriage. Charles Allen (right) and married William. They lived at Saratoga, for several years when they removed with three children, Charles, John and Mary to Lompoc, in Santa Barbara County. There, six other children were born.

They lived on a farm in Santa Rita district for a while, on another larger farm, the Leege ranch about 3 miles west of Lompoc. Also, farmed extensively on the Burton Mesa. They bought 40 acres 10 miles north of Lompoc, where they spent their last years of their lives.

William Arkley was tall and of slender build. Two of his children, John and Elsie resembled him, the others were like their mother's family though, quite tall, were of heavier build. William suffered from a severe stomach disorder, probably ulcers, from which he nearly died more than once during middle life, and which was the cause of his death at 69.

Arkley Home - The farm house 10 miles north of Lompoc on H Street
where they lived from 1900 until their deaths.

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